Darwin's GameDarwin's Game


Kaname Sudo

Ordinary 17-year-old high school boy.
One day he receives an invitation email to Darwin’s Game
and is unwittingly pulled into the world of the game.

VAYusuke Kobayashi / Stephen Fu


16-year-old high school girl.
Known as “The Undefeated Queen,”
she is a top-ranking player and extremely skilled fighter.

VAReina Ueda / Alexis Tipton


13-year-old junior high girl.
She makes a living by buying and selling information about the game.
Other players call her “The Analyst” for her accurate analysis of the data she collects.

VANichika Omori / Tia Ballard


21-year-old male.
He is highly skilled in the use of firearms and wears a skull mask during battle.

VATaku Yashiro / Jarrod Greene


11-year-old girl.
She has a twin brother named Sota.
She detests fighting and would rather die than kill another person to survive.

VAYumiri Hanamori / Brittany Lauda